Rebecca Tillett | Fashion & Women

240 photos
"It's amazing to me, that in the seemingly infinite randomness of existence, you can align everything so wonderfully, and capture it forever so beautifully, or hauntingly." — Mike O

"I have never wished that my name was Becky Tillett more in my life. (your work is mindblowinglyamazing)" — Jennifer Emil

"I hate to think that your misery is the muse for all of the incredible work that you've been doing of late, but I'd really like to see your work continue to grow and your misery fade to nothing." Tim Summers

"You are a bucket of inspiration that I want to pour all over myself." — Miss Panic

"You are one of my favorite photographers, period." — Foto Ray-Gun Mambo

"Oh my! I kept asking myself, WHO IS THAT GORGEOUS MODEL! I was angry she had no MM profile. Low and friggin behold... it's you. Really great work, artistically and I'm blown away at your self portraits as well." — MisterC

" I'm still falling in love with you (in the least creepy way possible), every time I see, or read something new from you, again, thanks for sharing, and I'll be looking forward to more stuff, as always." — Peter

"Have I told you how much I hate you. Every time I look through your portfolio I am over come with envy and disdain for my own work. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. Thanks for being so great and making the rest of us look like chumps." — shem pamplin

"Adoring your work all the way from Cali!!
My goodness you have no idea how much I envy the models who worked with you ^^ stunning work!!" — Anneliese Yang

"Becky, can I buy your book? I wish I could say your portfolio inspired me...I feel like selling my camera." — Copperleaf

"Your eyes take me places I like to go. So, after reading your I’m not an artist piece, I concluded that you were an artist before you told me you weren’t. So, face it: you are an artist." — Ron Porter

"Your work is so stunning I'm sort of freaking out at the moment." — lyle_st_lynn

"I have stumbled across your work recently and was blown away. Its a homogony of power, insight, liberation, vulnerability, pain and bliss that I haven't come across in some time...and that's just the subject matter." — Strahan McMullen

"Your style is gritty. In your face. Dirty... but not like naughty dirty... but grime and gravel dirty. Looks like some of your subjects have been up all week having crazy sexual escapades and forgotten to come up for air and a shower. I love it. Your work makes me jealous... — Jack Silver

"I beg of you, please come to Chicago.
You are so amazing. I'll totally take my top off if you wanted to shoot me." — Miss Panic