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704 photos
A few years ago I stumbled on a box of slides that evidently belonged to my great-grandmother Mabel.

Most of the slides I've chosen to scan in center on Mabel's daughter, Geri - my grandmother and her husband Bob ("The Tilletts") as they begin their new life together in 1950's America.

My grandparents lived a majority of their lives in Las Cruces, NM - my hometown. My grandfather died in April of 2011 and my grandmother is suffering from horrible memory loss that could be alzheimer's or the result of a stroke. It's still unclear. Mabel died in 1996 at the age of 90. I was 14. Her husband, my great-grandfather died in 1979 - 3 years before I was born. I do believe that he took many of these photos.

My father, Clay, was Bob and Geri's son and he'll appear in some of these photos as well. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 1998.

To purchase a book full of these slides go here: "

"In Sweetness and Love is 160 pages of absolutely stunning Kodachrome photographs taken in the mid 1950s to 1960s by my great-grandparents John and Mabel Moore accompanied by poignant quotes, lyrics, and excerpts.

They spent as much time traveling as they did at home and locations captured include Wyoming, California, New Mexico, Hawaii, New York, Guam, Arizona, and the Philippines.

My sincerest gratitude to them for their diligence in documenting their later years and thus providing me with such a vivid glimpse into the beautifully small but significant intricacies of their wonderful lives 60 years later."