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…on the way to a dream

January 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

(30 is shaping up to be an interesting year.)

As many of you know, back in November I took a chance and left my job of 6+ years as a graphic designer for the Colorado Springs Independent to work for a small graphic design studio in town. Some perpetual hardships in the Art Department in addition to the fact that I’d been feeling a bit burned out on design for quite some time were two major reasons motivating me to leave. Truthfully, I’d been looking for a new job for at least a few months beforehand because ultimately I realized I’d become far too comfortable in the position and found myself stewing in all the little negatives that tend to exist within so many companies. So I was very fortunate when a previous coworker (and friend) whom I’d worked alongside for more than 5 years at the Indy offered me a job working with her and the super-sweet owner of the studio. Needless to say I accepted in a heartbeat. (The hardest part of the transition was that I’d be leaving my most favorite boss-and one of my best friends-in the world.)

It wasn’t long at all in my new position (a couple weeks?) before I realized a change of scenery wasn’t all I required and I accepted the fact that I was no longer truly enjoying design like I used to. And somewhere along the line my dream job being a graphic designer had become a 9-5 drag that was slowly sucking every ounce of creativity from my body leaving nothing left and therefore little desire to pursue my side-passion: photography (In fact, in the few months prior to leaving the Indy that I was looking for a new job, I was spending more time looking for work OUTSIDE the industry than within it. But this job being offered to me was too good to pass up and I truly couldn’t turn it down.)

Fast forward to last week when I stumbled upon the epiphany that it was time to take my second chance in less than two months and I very apprehensively but resolutely gave my notice to the owner that I needed to leave and would finish out the month (hoping that in that time, they can find a suitable replacement for me.) So with the support and encouragement of both my husband and a few great friends I’m embarking into the great unknown. I’ve decided the time feels right to stop shoving photography to the back burner and to start prioritizing it – even possibly making a modest living at it. I’ve been shooting since I was just 16 years old and I’ve never stopped loving it. And somehow in spite of myself, within the last ten years I’ve found moderate success in the fine art photography world. I’ve been published in beautiful volumes alongside so many amazing photographers on many occasions (I’ve been invited back to the New Erotic Photography Volume 4 due out Spring of this year!), I’ve been featured on numerous websites and I’ve been invited to participate in quite a few collaborative shows in addition to more than a couple one-woman shows both here in Colorado and one in Rome in 2010. All of that without devoting nearly as much time to it as I would have always liked.

I’m a little nervous, a little scared but mostly just really EXCITED. I feel extremely grateful for this chance and for the amazing people in my life who are standing behind me in this new adventure. I already have a few customers wanting to book shoots and my boss has very graciously agreed to continue utilizing me for any photography her clients may need. I also plan to continue doing some freelance design on the side because as I’ve been told “Gotta keep that design muscle in shape!” I think some time out of the 9-5 grind will do me some good and I look forward to loving being creative again.

A few days ago I saw a piece of typography online that said “Sometimes on the way to a dream, you get lost and find a better one.” How appropriate.

(Please send me whatever good luck, thoughts and vibes you can spare. I can use every drop of it.)

She’s Having a Baby

November 23, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

I shot my beautiful friend Britt and her husband today. It was actually the first time I really got to stretch the legs of my new Canon 5D Mark III since my husband got it for me for my birthday a full month ago. Needless to say, life has been a little crazy these days. Me and so many around me are stepping into new chapters and I suppose that’s necessary and that’s life. The only thing constant is change, after all. Nothing ever stays the same which I’ve always found bittersweet.

I wish Britt and Brennen all the luck in the world in their new adventures in Seattle. I sure as hell am gonna miss them.
And as a sidenote: This camera is damn amazing. I hope I’m badass enough to handle it…

(ps. Profusely apologize for the duration of time between this post and my last. How completely unacceptable of me!)

The Great Pacific Northwest

September 01, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Last month my husband and I took what I’m now dubbing the “Great Pacific Northwest Roadtrip” and had an amazing time. I’ve been trying to eloquently construct this blog post in my head since my return but there are really no words for the way this part of the country made me feel. There’s something mysterious and magnificent about the forests up there and I had a feeling of bittersweet sadness but a strong yearning despite it that I couldn’t shake. The ocean was beautiful, of course, but it always leaves me feeling a little cold and extremely lonely and I’ve never craved to be near it as so many others do. The desert is my home and where I’m most comfortable; warm wide open spaces and a clear 360 degree view of the landscape and the horizon and so I confess that being shrouded by so many gargantuan trees left me a little claustrophobic but the entire time it was something I was absolutely certain I could shake or learn to live with it if the opportunity to live up there ever presented itself. I could even become friendly with the ocean. My mom grew up with the ocean and she’s always longed to return. Sometimes I think some of those feelings should be hereditary..simply because the desire and passion for these beautiful pieces of our home, planet earth, are so strong and ingrained within us.

I wish there was a way to correctly translate to words what I saw and felt in this short 10 days but I can’t. All I can say is “GO.”

(The images above we’re taken at the Ladybird Johnson Grove at Redwood National Park.)

Shanna & Shiloh

July 29, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Last Wednesday I had a shoot with my friend and tattoo artist, Shanna Keyes.It’s something we’ve been talking about for a while since our last shoot was 2 or 3 years ago or so now. But it always seemed like our schedules wouldn’t mesh or she just wanted to finish getting tattooed a bit more. Her ultimate goal is to be fully covered and she’s heading towards it quickly!

The little shoot was fun and took place at her apartment where her new kitty cat Shiloh kept getting cameos. I’m a HUGE cat person so put a cat and a pretty tattooed girl in front of my lens and it’s like I’ve won the lottery. :) See more of my favorites from this shoot at my Flickr!

Lastly, if you’re in Colorado Springs and want a tattoo, see Shanna at Pens and Needles!

Omaha, NE

June 29, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Earlier this week, I traveled to Omaha to watch my youngest cousin, Rachel compete in the Olympic Swimming Trials. I was planning to be there about 3 days or so to watch her swim and then spend a little time with my family as well as a friend who would coincidentally be there at the very same time for work. Unfortunately, the Waldo Canyon Fire here in Colorado Springs cut my trip short and I got an earlier flight home in case my neighborhood (which was only mere miles from the fire) was to be evacuated. Fortunately, that didn’t happen but I’m completely bummed my time with friends and family was cut short. It’s not often we all get to see each other. Rachel didn’t qualify in her race on Tuesday but she has another shot on Sunday so please help me in sending positive thoughts her way!

Go Rach!

(and hey, at least now I can say I’ve been to Nebraska…oh, AND Iowa!)

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